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When Is the Best Time to Apply Weed Control? And Other FAQs

Is your yard green, even throughout the winter? Instead of grass, do you see a lawn full of clover, dandelions, dallisgrass, crabgrass, goosegrass, and just about every other weed Georgia has to offer? You may be wondering what you can do to treat your yard, remove the weeds, and bring lush grass back to your front and back lawns.

Weed control is a crucial part of lawn maintenance that helps ensure your yard remains well-kept and free of grass-killing weeds. Check out our answers to common questions about weed control and why it’s so important when maintaining a beautiful, healthy lawn.

When Is the Best Time to Apply Weed Control?

Effective weed control requires more than a one-time, yearly, or semiannual application, as most over-the-counter weed control products suggest. While you may think spring or fall are the best times to apply these chemicals to your yard, the most successful solution that produces a beautiful, grassy lawn is a year-round application of both weed control and fertilizer, which work together to strengthen your turf and eliminate pesky weeds for good.

At Mid Georgia Turf Solutions, we visit eight times a year, applying either weed control or fertilization to your yard depending on the visit:

Application #1 and #2 – Pre-Emergent (Early Spring)

In the early spring, between late January and early March, we apply your first two treatment applications. Both are pre-emergents that tackle any seeds that have not emerged from the ground yet. We’ll also apply a post-emergent treatment to the weeds that have already sprung up.

Application #3 – Fertilization (Spring)

Following the last frost of the winter, we will apply your first fertilization application to boost grass growth. Frost can reduce the effectiveness of the fertilizer, so we never apply it in late winter or early spring. In fact, we always use Easter as the marker to begin applying fertilizer since it never reaches frost temperatures once the Easter season has passed.

Application #4 – Fertilization and Pre-Emergent (Summer)

In the heat of the summer, we’ll visit to apply fertilizer and weed control to your lawn, tackling any lingering weeds and nourishing your grass seeds to strengthen your turf further. The stronger your grass is, the harder it is for weeds to germinate and spring up.

Application #5 and #6 – Fertilization (Late Summer, Early Fall)

Following application #4, we’ll come out twice to apply either granule fertilizer, liquid fertilizer, or both, depending on the temperature and time of year. While granule fertilizer is effective, it’s also heat-sensitive and should only be applied when temperatures aren’t too high. These two applications further enhance the quality of your grass to promote strong growth and prevent any thin areas.

Application #7 – Pre-Emergent (Fall, Late Fall)

Pre-emergent at this time helps tackle any fall or winter weed seeds so that they do not emerge from the ground and spread their seeds across the rest of your lawn. Even though fall is the time for plants to begin to go dormant, it’s when fall and winter weeds start thriving. It’s important at this time to kill off these weeds and keep your yard entirely weed-free.

Application #8 – Winter Root Growth (Winter)

Although your grass is dormant at this point, we apply winter fertilizer that’s rich in potassium, feeding your grass the nutrients it needs so that it can become extra strong come springtime.

Horizontal image of common nutsedge (Cyperus esculentus), a perennial weed, in flower

Are Weeds Dangerous?

Some weeds may trigger people’s allergies, but generally speaking, they are not a danger to humans or pets. They are just a pesky nuisance.

However, weeds do threaten the health of your lawn. Weeds and grass must fight for the same nutrients in the ground and the same space to grow. And since weeds are stronger and more aggressive plant types than grasses, they usually absorb all the nutrients first, leaving the grass with little to nothing left over.

Plus, weeds either tower over your grass or spread outward to cover sections of it up after they emerge from the ground, blocking the sun from reaching your grass. When weeds are around, your grass isn’t getting any nutrients, neither from the soil nor the sun.

Can Weed Control Treatment Attack All the Weeds in My Yard?

If you feel as if your yard contains every weed there possibly is in Middle Georgia, we have good news. Mid Georgia Turf Solutions has the weed control service you need to target and eliminate weeds and keep them off your lawn for good. Our 8-application service is year-round and renewable year after year so that you can always enjoy a beautiful, lush, weed-free lawn.

Take Control of Your Lawn with Weed Control Services from Mid Georgia Turf Solutions.

Our weed control specialists are experts who understand the needs of each grass type and the challenges of tackling every kind of weed that’s common in the Middle Georgia area. Through careful analysis of your yard, we apply our 8-step application throughout the year to ensure we attack your weeds and eliminate them for good while nourishing your grass and restoring your lawn.

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