Summer Lawn Care Tips

Your lawn needs constant care. But the type of care should change from season to season. Especially during hot summer months, your lawn needs special attention for it to remain green and luscious. Here are some tips about how to maintain your lawn in the summer.

Fertilize, But Not Too Much

Between June and August, you should use a slow release fertilizer. This keeps your lawn greener and healthier during the intense heat. However, avoid fertilizing too much, as this will stress the soil.

Watch Closely for Pests

Several species of insects attack warm season grasses during summer months. Watch your grass for:

  • Cinch bugs, which appear in St. Augustine grass between July and October
  • Spittlebugs, which feed on St. Augustine, Bermuda, and zoysia grasses
  • Mole crickets, which attack the roots of Centipede turf and destroy most warm season grasses
  • White grubs, which feed on grass roots from May to October

Prevent Plant-Eating Diseases

Plant diseases are most prevalent during the summer. Without proper prevention, the following diseases can destroy your grass and plants:

  • Spring dead spot, after attacking Bermuda grass, leaves behind a multitude of weeds. Preventing spring dead spot at the first sign will ensure a beautiful summer lawn.
  • Leaf spot plagues the blades and stems of Bermuda grass between May and September. Fertilize and water your Bermuda grass to prevent leaf spot.
  • Gray leaf spot causes oval-shaped lesions on St. Augustine grass April through October. Avoid late afternoon and evening watering if this disease plagues your lawn.

Use Caution When Mowing

Raise your mowing height during drought or excessive heat, as taller grass is drought-resistant. In addition, it prevents weeds from growing. Leave clippings on your lawn—they add nutrients to the soil and protect it against heat.

Water Properly

During the summer, your lawn needs at least one inch of water per week. It’s also a good idea to water in the morning, as this prevents evaporation and fungal growth.

Trust Mid Georgia Turf Solutions for Summer Lawn Care

At Mid Georgia Turf Solutions, we know just what your lawn needs during the heat of summer. Check out our lawn care services to see how we can help you maintain your lawn this season and every season.