lawn maintenance schedule

Spring & Summer Lawn Maintenance Schedule

We all want a beautiful, perfect lawn. Unfortunately, you can’t achieve the best lawn in the neighborhood overnight. It takes year-round work and maintenance, but with this lawn maintenance schedule from Mid Georgia Turf Solutions, you’re on your way to a luscious, green lawn.

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Early Spring

Early spring is all about preparation:

  • Clear your yard of debris like leaves, twigs, and more
  • Begin pre-emergence and fertilization
  • Care for trees and shrubs

At Mid Georgia Turf Solutions, we focus on preventing crab grass and other spring weeds by using our specially formulated pre-emergence solution. By targeting weeds early, you can prevent them from cropping up in the late spring and summer.

Early application of fertilizer is also crucial, as this gives your lawn the jumpstart it needs in order to be beautiful and healthy all summer long.

Go ahead and trim, prune, and fertilize your trees and shrubs to prepare them for summer. It’s also a good idea to apply weed and insect control. Our one-year tree and shrub care program includes seven strategic applications of insect and disease control and fertilization.


The growing season has begun! And so has the most important season for lawn care:

  • Begin mowing
  • Continue with fertilization and weed/insect control
  • Aerate
  • Begin regular watering
  • Plant new seeds

It’s important not to mow your grass too short. Most grasses should be about three inches high, but other species like Bermuda can be mowed shorter. Taller grass holds moisture, requiring less frequent watering, and it has deeper roots and fewer weeds.

Mid Georgia Turf Solutions will continue to fertilize your yard and prevent weeds and pests. We apply a bloom enhancing fertilizer to your trees and shrubs to promote beautiful, healthy blooms.

Aerating is extremely important during the spring. Aeration pokes holes into compacted soil, allowing oxygen, water, and nutrients to flow freely. These ingredients promote deep roots and healthy grass that can function on less water. During aeration, we take a pH sample of your lawn and send it to the University of Georgia’s agricultural department for testing. If your soil is below 6.0 pH, we can provide a lime application to help bring your soil back into balance. Lime application is typically performed in correlation with aeration as the nutrients are absorbed into the soil more effectively after it has been aerated.

If rainfall is below one inch per week, be sure to water your lawn.

Early Summer

Learn the pH of your soil, as this helps you diagnose nutritional problems. Our lawn care specialists take a sample of your soil and send it to the University of Georgia’s agricultural department for testing. If your soil’s pH is below 6.0, we can provide a lime application to bring the soil back into balance.

Now is the time to watch out for turf eating insects. Grub worms, beetles, and other pests begin feeding on your lawn during warm months. These insects can cause your lawn to wilt or show brown patches. We offer insect control programs in order to keep your lawn in pristine condition.


Enjoy your lovely lawn! Be sure to continue lawn maintenance such as:

  • Fertilizing
  • Mowing
  • Watering

In the summer, we apply a slow-release fertilizer designed to give your yard the nutrients it needs to remain greener and last longer during the heat of summer.

Raise your mowing height to ensure grass is tall, healthy, and can hold moisture between watering. Leave grass clippings on your lawn to decompose.

The best time to water your lawn is once per week, after sunset or before sunrise. Your lawn needs infrequent, deep watering rather than frequent, shallow watering. One inch of water per week will promote deep roots and healthy grass.

Our lawn care programs promote the health of your lawn all year long. Contact us today at 478-992-5705 to learn more.